Belén Saldías

PhD candidate

I’m a fourth-year Ph.D. student; I joined LSM/CCC in 2018 and have been a research assistant here since then. I’ve worked in various research projects in multiple domains such as variational inference applications, human-computer interaction, online RCTs, and natural language processing. Within CCC, some of these projects include 1) INSPIRE, aimed at exposing middle-schoolers to role models to help enhance metacognitive traits, and 2) matching personal narratives. With external collaboration, I also developed 3) Tweet Moodifier, a tool aimed at increasing emotional awareness in social media. I’m currently working in child-aware machine learning, specifically thinking about content “annotation/moderation” and transparency. In my “spare” time, I serve in the executive council at MIT Sidney Pacific Grad Community. Besides that, I enjoy biking and walking around the Boston area, enjoying meals with friends, playing SBS soccer leagues, and learning about sports. Further, I’m a big supporter and fan of Shakira.



Probing neural language models of media consumption to predict public opinion

Research Lab

School Reviews

Analyzing how parents talk about US public schools online

Research Lab