IAP 2024: Unlock the Power of Negotiation

Join the MIT CCC Mini-Course led by former U.S. Federal Mediator Joshua Flax to master negotiation skills in a two-day immersive experience.

Photo by Gretchen Ertl


Negotiating with others is a basic human necessity – you need to negotiate on campus, at work, in the home, in a job interview…and many more places! Do you know how to prepare for upcoming negotiations? Are you regularly able to negotiate successfully in a variety of situations to have your basic needs met? What if you want to increase your share of the “value on the table”, beyond simply having basic needs met?

If these and other questions interest you, join our first-ever MIT Center for Constructive Communication Negotiation Skills Mini-Course during IAP 2024. In this two-day mini-course we play scorable negotiation simulation exercises in small groups, complete with defined roles, and then we examine our results in a fun-filled debrief as we learn from each other what we did well and what needs improvement. We’ll use our debrief learnings to drive our understanding of the principles of negotiation analysis, and learn how negotiators attempt to “grow the pie” in order for everyone to have a larger slice.

The heart of this mini-course emphasizes strategic preparation for upcoming negotiation, not just in simulation – in the real world. We’ll also learn how tactical moves and countermoves, both “at the table” and “away from the table” can dramatically influence negotiation outcomes and sustainable dealmaking.

The principles of negotiation analysis are also uniquely important when thinking beyond negotiation, to mediation and conflict management. This mini-course is intentionally designed as an introduction for you to the world of conflict resolution – why must mediators learn so much about negotiation analysis to be successful? Come join us to find out!

Led by Joshua Flax, CCC’s Senior Advisor and former U.S. Federal Mediator.

This mini-course is open to all MIT students.

Continental breakfast & lunch will be served

Questions? Email ccc-negotiation@media.mit.edu.


The workshop is currently at capacity. To join the waitlist, share your information here.