Spring 2023 Course: MIT MAS.S68 Generative AI for Constructive Communication

A new MIT MAS course from CCC designed around topics surfaced by the rise of large language models like ChatGPT and the impact of these models on the future of communication technology.

Course Overview

Advances in large language models recently popularized by ChatGPT represent a remarkable leap forward in language processing by machines. We invite you to join the conversation shaping the future of communication technology. What does this mean for us, how can we make the most of these advancements, and what are the risks? What research opportunities have opened up? What kinds of evaluation are called for? We will bring together a group of practitioners and experts for guided discussions, hands-on experimentation, and project critiques. If you want to join the class, please fill out this interest form and come to the first class on Wednesday, 2/8. Bring a laptop and be prepared to start experimenting!

This course will be formatted as a combination workshop and seminar. Students will engage through readings, class participation, and project work. Students may choose to either complete a project or produce a research project proposal. For the active project track, students will form teams, pitch projects, and get feedback along the way. For the project proposal track, they will present a literature review mid-semester, and submit a written research project proposal. Project should be focused on one of the main areas identified by the course. We will come together to share and critique projects through the semester, culminating in final project presentations. Students will also be expected to present to the class on readings and hands-on workshop output.