Ali Klemencic

Prototype Engineer

Ali is excited to join CCC to build innovative prototypes for use in research and real-world contexts. She was a digital marketer in a former life but is now committed to engineering human-centered software that’s deeply rooted in making the world a better place. Proficient across the full engineering stack, Ali has previously built websites displaying cultivated meat growth in smart bioreactors, engineered data pipelines to route environmental complaints to the correct agencies, and developed NLP models for financial data extraction. She holds a master’s degree in computer science and public policy from the University of Chicago and a bachelor’s in behavioral economics from Tufts University. When she’s not coding up a storm, you’ll likely find Ali spiking volleyballs, diving into the pages of a good book, or engaging in the noble quest of convincing her cat that the rooftop deck is the ultimate feline paradise.