Born Bi-Kim

RealTalk Community Fellow 2022-23

Born Bi-Kim is is a Boston, Ma native. Credited with being one of Bostons early HIP-HOP architects. Founder and principal choreographer for MasterWork (popping waving/pop-locking group of the early eighties) and later he founded of The Unikue Dominoe (breakdance group), which is part of UMass Boston’s Kennedy Library archive. He is presently working on Standing on the Shoulder of Giants (S.O.S.G.) which ties intergenerational urban story collection the development of an electronic community archive with three incredible life changing power shifts. (S.O.S.G.) Urban multi-cultural story collection of movers and shakers of his youth and the stories of everyday people and youth of today. He is proud to be partnering with Pacey Foster & Aminah Pilgrim on this important work.  Last yet certainly not the least is the founding and guiding of UpRootz! Urban Perma-Culture Crew, which is a program that teaches youth and employs young adults while providing them with a good education. The youth learn about permaculture, ecology landscaping and how to leave no trace (of having been in nature) behind. It also combines creative arts/visual arts programming which results in garden art.  As well the program members are collectors and curators of the process of the programming and its particular work and its effects.  The above work shows up as multi purpose yoga mat foundations. and sitting structures As interior and exterior art offerings for both garden and the community to enjoy. Ongoing year round public art displays, interactive art work and the development of a virtual as well as community based archive for the work

Eventually we may be using Theater of the Oppressed to sort though local issues focused around Social Justice initiatives and work that have socio- political and economic impact  on people of the diaspora.   He is currently The Producing Artistic Director of New African Company. Born started studying performing arts as a child at the Elma Lewis School of Fine Arts and  subsequently met Jim and Linda Spruill (The Father and Mother of New African Company) there.  Born, also known as Bi-Kim, (sounds like bye Kim) continued to develop his  skills as an actor, director, playwright and arts education/collaborative arts professional.  Some of his directorial performance work includes. Om! At the Hibernian Hall.  The National Black Theatre Festival Working Things Out/Om! By M*)7. The  Test by Paula Kaplan. Born is also an IRNE  award recipient for “Wiz” choreography. He can be found online at Tao1life on Instagram . Born is e500 R.YT. His work focuses on restorative and slow soulful yin yoga flows. He is an accomplished bodywork professional. A graduate of the New England School of Therapeutics or N.ES.T.. Born’s bodywork modalities are Myofascial/Structural Integration, TCM/Traditional Chinese Medicine  TUI-NA, (twee-nah) and Swedish Style/Deep tissue work . Born is also a HolisticHealth and Wellness coach, That specializes in mindfulness, meditation and helping folks transition from eating meat to plant based diets. Food and Juice Prep/plant based fitness plans and vegan food planning.