Cassandra Lee

Masters candidate

Cassandra is a UX designer interested in challenging core assumptions built into the way we build and use technology. Prior to coming to MIT she studied cognitive science at McGill University where she was first exposed to AI research and taught herself graphic design for fun. Afterward she combined both interests by working as a voice designer building speech recognition platform for automotive contexts. This experience pushed her to consider the complex relationship we hold with machines, and to design systems which provide more than just transactional experiences.  In her most recent projects, she has been working with start-ups to create digital experiences which facilitate meaningful connection through games, play, guided introspection, and collective creativity.

As a first-year master’s student she hopes to contribute to the research at the Centre for Constructive Communication by creating experimental digital interfaces which help people feel more comfortable having uncomfortable conversations. Her research interests include slow design, play, interactivity, facilitation, introspection.

Cassandra also hopes to apply her design experiments to artistic and public-facing contexts through participatory art, hosting public events, and more.

Outside of the lab she enjoys performance art and dance, going on adventures with friends, and inventing games.