Naana Obeng-Marnu

Project Analyst

Naana is a writer, digital artist, and designer currently pursuing her Master’s at the MIT Media Lab/CCC as an Amazon Robotics Day One Fellow. She graduated from Brown University with a BA in English, nonfiction writing. Her past interests in journalism, entertainment, and narrative history have since evolved into a focus on the effects of social technologies on discourse, development, and the dissemination of information. Her research interests also include equitable design and persuasive technologies. Previously, as an Operations Associate at Meta, she built frameworks and automated processes to better support academic researchers, digital publishers, and creators.

Outside of the lab, Naana serves as Secretary of the Board of Directors for Brown Broadcasting Service where she works alongside industry leaders in new media to support and mentor Brown University students interested in media, design, and tech careers. She is also a serial hobbyist and enjoys good stories in all forms. Ask her what she’s learning, watching, or reading!