A tech-enhanced Citizens’ Assembly pop-up lab

Tech-enhanced Citizens’ Assemblies toward a more inclusive, healthy, and constructive democracy

The MIT Center for Constructive Communication (MIT CCC) and DemocracyNext are collaborating to design, prototype, and test the model of a tech-enhanced Citizens’ Assembly that can lead to a more inclusive, participatory, and even transformative democratic paradigm. In an era of technological transformation in which social media and generative AI are disrupting our processes of communication and democracy, we seek to harness those same powerful technologies to create positive, constructive human-led systems shaped by the proven model of Citizens’ Assemblies worldwide. MIT CCC and DemocracyNext are forming a tech-enhanced Citizens’ Assembly pop-up lab to reimagine all three phases of Citizens’ Assemblies: the setup, deliberation, and deliverables.

Program: Spaces
Phase: In Progress
Tags: Citizens' Assemblies, Civic Tech, Social Dialogue Networks
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