AI Sensemaking (Prototyping)

Exploring how LLMs can be utilized to build AI power tools that can assist in a human-led AI-assisted sensemaking process

In the context of facilitated dialogue (through the Fora platform), sensemaking is a laborious effort that requires human sensemakers to sift through conversations and surface themes and topics and summarize to relay the information to the community partner. There is currently a deep need for more AI efficiencies to be built into the platform to support a human-led sensemaking process. By folding in AI supports, there would be far shorter analysis timelines with far fewer human hours dedicated to sensemaking tasks that could more efficiently be completed and/or supported by AI without compromising quality. AI support could also lead to more consistent coding/sensemaking across different people/groups, provide training support for human sensemakers, and serve as a medium for gathering and sharing best practices across human sensemakers. This on-going project aims at building the AI machinery that will help scale the platform and streamline the sensemaking process--all while ensuring that human agency over the process is preserved by designing a human-led AI-assisted process.

Program: Scaffolding
Phase: In Progress
Tags: AI Sensemaking
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