Maggie Hughes

PhD candidate

Maggie is a first year PhD student in the Center for Constructive Communication working on the Local Voices Network. She is particularly interested in exploring how technology can be designed to promote equity, improve the current systems we live in, construct new, alternative systems, and contribute to a healthy public sphere.

She got her bachelor’s in design and political science with an emphasis on theory and social justice, and has been on and off with CCC since Electome! She has experience co-designing with local nonprofits to develop platforms for single mothers to build and foster community, and has worked in exploratory design with a design research group focused on developing novel production processes, responsive textiles, and transformable and self-assembling structures.

Maggie loves alternative economies, like time trading, and has recently joined the community garden at her time bank! When she’s home, she loves fishing with her brothers. She is also currently learning to play the mandolin and hoping to master the art of baking a nice loaf of ciabatta.



Online conversation support scaffolding modeled after ancient and modern social technologies.

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