CCC at MIT-Chile

In January 2023, CCC PhD Candidates Belén Saldías and Maggie Hughes hosted several workshops on Human-Centered Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Data Visualization, and Causal Inference for the MIT–Chile Research Workshops. This initiative exposed students and general audience participants to Artificial Intelligence, Visualization, and Causality research through lectures, hands-on workshops, and scholar discussions and opportunities in two major cities in Chile, Santiago and Concepción. Our collaborators' support allowed us to host more than 100 students, out of whom 44% self-identify as women or non-binary, and 30% are not from Santiago (traveling internationally from 6 different countries and from northern and southern regions of Chile–for whom we also provided travel funding). It was four days in Concepción and four days in Santiago. Santiago: Concepción:

Program: Scaffolding
Phase: In Progress
MIT–Chile Human-Centered AI Visualization Research Workshop is a collaborative initiative by MITMIT MISTIMIT Media LabMIT CCC, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC), DCC UCCENIAIMFDiHealth, and HAIVis to bring together research-focused lectures and talks for the scientific community in Chile.
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